The Prey

In "The Prey," J. Carter Woodson is a man on the brink of realizing his dreams. His business and love life, like spring are in full bloom; that is until a blast of cold winter air leaves him rattled.

Meet Asha Carrington, a woman with alluring eyes and a mysterious past who is hell-bent on having Carter. Like a Lioness stalking her Prey, she'll stop at nothing to have him.

What readers are saying about The Prey

"An exciting and suspenseful read that will hold your attention. Savannah J is here to stay."  Pathfinder, author of "Fair Game" and "False Pretense."

"In 'The Prey,' Savannah J creates and uncanny sense of reality that will leave the reader wondering if Asha Carrington really exists." Naana Kyereboah author of "Soul Name."

"I am not a reader but I could not put "The Prey" down until I finished it. Great job, Savannah J! C. Howell, North Carolina

The Prey
Savannah J.
Rating: 5
There is so much that J. Carter Woodson wants out of life, and for the most part he gets just that. Unfortunately for him, just as the final piece to the puzzle steps into his life, that being his love, everything seems to be going just fine, until another woman enters his life that also decides that she gets everything that she wants, including him. This woman however decides that she won?t take no for an answer. Him being engaged, is simply a hurdle that she will be able to easily overcome. Asha Carrington will get her man.
This book was an excellent and swift read. Covering it in only one twenty four hours, it kept me entertained and actually shocked me at the end. While some moments were predictable, there were other incidents where I was taken by surprise. There were a few editing concerns but not enough to turn my head away from the book. When I think of a five star read I think of something that keeps me wanting more. I actually woke up in the middle of the night and read the book for three more hours until morning. I literally didn?t want to put it down. An untraditional stalker tale comes to life in between the pages of The Prey.
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Readers With Attitude Bookclub

Rating 5

I just read an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME book written by Savannah J, called The Prey. Its a SPELLBINDING THRILLER from the first page to the last. Its a WONDERFUL read.
Reviewed by: T. Robinson