The Prey

In "The Prey," J. Carter Woodson is a man on the brink of realizing his dreams. His business and love life, like spring are in full bloom; that is until a blast of cold winter air leaves him rattled.

Meet Asha Carrington, a woman with alluring eyes and a mysterious past who is hell-bent on having Carter. Like a Lioness stalking her Prey, she'll stop at nothing to have him.


He glanced down at his hands fighting the urge to be sick. He couldn?t remember ever seeing so much blood in one place; the sight of it taking his paranoia to another level. Anxiously, he looked about him trying to confirm that he was not being watched, although he knew they had not been followed. The blood made him jittery as if it could talk; as if it alone cried out for help. 

Peering up at the setting sun he knew he now had to work quickly. Most people used the darkness to cover their less than honorable deeds, but he could not afford to allow the darkness to catch him. That was when they came out. 

Vultures circled above him, obviously attracted by the smell of her dead body. It seemed as though their numbers grew each time he glanced up. The sight of their enormous wingspan added to his uneasiness. 

He closed his eyes taking slow deep breathes before finishing the task at hand; there was no place for nausea; he was running out of time. Grabbing her beneath the arms, he dragged what remained of her upper body a few feet away from where her severed legs lay. Next, he spread the broken pieces of her lower body around as well. He had to make it appear as though she had been mauled by them, just as he planned. 

As he turned and walked away, he was surprised by the feeling of relief that suddenly came over him; relief that she was gone; relief that she could no longer bring harm. He paused momentarily glancing back at her face, her eyes were still open and even in death she seemed to be watching him. Shaking his head to remove the panic that attempted to rise within his belly, he reminded himself once again that it was finally over. 

There were no feelings of remorse only of peace; something he had not felt for some time. You see today things changed for him. Today, he regained control over the life that she stole from him. The woman who stalked and caused his life to be a living hell was no longer a threat. He had turned the tables and beat her at her own game; catching her off guard when she least expected it, and snuffing out her life. 

He proved to her that he meant what he said when he in- formed her that some day he would end her madness. There had been warnings as he begged her to leave things be. He tried to explain that there was no love and there never would be any love, and her tactics were only making matters worse. But, she refused to listen and instead began to cause physical harm. 

That was when his will to protect took control, and a carnal side of him he never knew existed consumed him. Just as he promised he ended her reign of terror. A rustling in the brush pulled him back to reality and he stepped up his pace reaching the jeep, as he heard the first approaching sounds of the alpha lioness. 

He quickly removed his elbow length rubber gloves, coveralls and shoe covers and placed them in the plastic bag that had held her body, before hopping into the jeep. Locking the door and wiping his hands even though they were clean, he signaled to his partner who started the engine. As they slowly drove off a smile traced his lips and a sense of power filled his heart. You see today the hunter became The Prey. 

What readers are saying about The Prey

"An exciting and suspenseful read that will hold your attention. Savannah J is here to stay."  Pathfinder, author of "Fair Game" and "False Pretense."

"In 'The Prey,' Savannah J creates and uncanny sense of reality that will leave the reader wondering if Asha Carrington really exists." Naana Kyereboah author of "Soul Name."

"I am not a reader but I could not put "The Prey" down until I finished it. Great job, Savannah J! C. Howell, North Carolina

The Prey
Savannah J.
Rating: 5

There is so much that J. Carter Woodson wants out of life, and for the most part he gets just that. Unfortunately for him, just as the final piece to the puzzle steps into his life, that being his love, everything seems to be going just fine, until another woman enters his life that also decides that she gets everything that she wants, including him. This woman however decides that she won?t take no for an answer. Him being engaged, is simply a hurdle that she will be able to easily overcome. Asha Carrington will get her man.
This book was an excellent and swift read. Covering it in only one twenty four hours, it kept me entertained and actually shocked me at the end. While some moments were predictable, there were other incidents where I was taken by surprise. There were a few editing concerns but not enough to turn my head away from the book. When I think of a five star read I think of something that keeps me wanting more. I actually woke up in the middle of the night and read the book for three more hours until morning. I literally didn?t want to put it down. An untraditional stalker tale comes to life in between the pages of The Prey.
Reviewed by:
Readers With Attitude Bookclub
Rating 5

I just read an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME book written by Savannah J, called The Prey. Its a SPELLBINDING THRILLER from the first page to the last. Its a WONDERFUL read.
Reviewed by: T. Robinson