Raising Tristan 

Raising Tristan is a story of Shiloh Milner, a gentleman who is involved in a relationship with Angela Pitchard. Their relationship is purely for companionship; she doesn?t love him, he doesn?t love her. When Angela who has made it clear she does not want children finds herself pregnant, Shiloh convinces her to have the baby. Twenty-four hours after their son, Tristan is born; Angela checks herself out of the hospital and disappears.
With the help of his parents, and his new lady love, the beautiful Moselle Laveau, Shiloh devotes his life to caring for his son. But as time goes on will Moselle turn out to be all Shiloh believes her to be and will she be an asset in Raising Tristan. Now available in eBook. 

 The Beginning

    Shiloh gripped Angela's hips pulling them higher, closer to his pelvis. His thrusts became more forceful as he felt himself nearing release. He'd already pleased her twice and now it was his turn.

            Although, Angela was nothing more than a regular booty call, Shiloh made sure she got hers. Shhhhh . . . he breathed out, as the air was forced from his lungs during his climax.

            When he was finished, he rolled off her and pulled her to his chest. He didn't love her but he loved to cuddle. Since he didn't have a girlfriend, for now, Angela would have to do.

            Shiloh closed his eyes and allowed the sweet euphoric feeling that always followed their intimate moments to wash over him. He was just about to drift off to sleep when Angela's voice pulled him back.

            "I'm pregnant."

            He frowned. "What did you say?"

             "I said I'm pregnant." Her voice sounded flat to him.

            He took a minute to turn to her. Cupping her chin with his hand, he pulled her face towards his. How far?" He didn't doubt for a second the baby was his.

            "Three months . . . I don't want it." Angela looked him directly in the eyes when she uttered those words.

            Shiloh sat up on the side of the bed; this time he kept his back to her. "What are you saying, Angie? It's a little late to get an abortion, don't you think?"

            "Not if I lie."

            He stood slowly to his feet. His six foot three inch, 200 pound frame seemed to rise in deliberate motion to Angela. She'd never been afraid of or uncomfortable around Shiloh until now.

            "Are you telling me you're going to kill my baby? He has a heartbeat Angela.  His heart is beating . . . How can you do that?" His eyes narrowed as he spoke.

            "I never wanted kids; you know that. And what we have isn't exactly a relationship . . . we're . . "

            "Don't say it he snapped, cutting her off. Shiloh hated it when she used the 'F' word followed by buddy to describe their relationship. He knew they weren't a couple, but to him they were more than that. 

Angela stood to her feet as well. She slowly made her way to the bathroom. Although her pregnancy wasn't very far along, the baby still pressed on her bladder. After relieving herself, she turned on the shower.

            When she finished, she dried off and got dressed. She grabbed her purse and car keys and headed down the stairs. Before she could open the door to Shiloh?s home to leave, he placed his hand against it stopping her.

            "This ain't over Angie." He spoke close to her ear. "You hear me? This conversation is far from over."

            "It's over for tonight," she replied softly.

            "Perhaps, that's so. But you better believe I'll be by tomorrow to finish this. You ain't killin' my boy."  

            Angela remained quiet. All she wanted to do was go home and lay down. She knew there was no winning this argument at this point. She'd sleep on it and come up with a strategy in the morning to ensure she had her way; even if it meant disappearing.  

What people are saying about Raising Tristan

Excellent read! A real page turner! I couldn't put it down! S. Young Wilmington, Del. 

Savannah Jackson paying homage to a GOOD brother named Shiloh, raising his son as a single parent. I loved this story. 5 bookmarks from Readers Paradise Book Club. Give a brother raising his shorty some props today. I thank you all!!