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Booty Shake?

Posted by Author Savannah Jackson on December 1, 2011 at 6:00 PM

From the desk of Savannah J

Good evening family. I have recently been pondering this latest phenomenon among young ladies called twerking or ratcheting. I call it the booty shake. When I think on this, I wonder what possess these beautiful young women and makes them believe they have to bend over for a young man and shake their butts to gain attention. I'm really taken aback when I see them bend over and touch the ground giving full access to something that should be reserved only for a man who truly loves them.

Now, I don't have a daughter but I do have a son and I would be appalled if I knew he was somewhere witnessing this twerking. I won't say, I pray I've raised him better because I know I have; what I will say is, I hope he's heard me. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I must say I believe we've dropped the ball somewhere along the line in raising and mentoring our daughters. 

It is imperative that we recapture the attention of our young women and instill in them a sense of pride. But we must remember as we endeavor to minister goodness to their spirits, they are watching us. That being said; ladies we must be the person we'd like for them to be. Gentlemen, you must treat your significant other, mother, sister, auntie, cousin and above all your daughter the way you want her to be treated by another man. 

I have a young niece who happens to be a freshman in college and I am very proud of her. I can honestly say because of the way she was treated by my brother from an early age, she has a strong sense of self esteem. She is comfortable being picky about dating and is more focused on her future than finding a 'boy-friend.' Now, please don't get me wrong, I'm by no means saying my family is perfect or beyond failure. I'm just saying, I applaud my brother for doing the best he could in the raising of my niece and now his hard work has paid off.

If our young women were pampered and treated like princesses by their fathers, step fathers, uncles, older cousins, etc, I believe no one in the world could make them bend over and shake their butts. I believe we'd have a whole different spin on dating, marriage and less divorce. I believe we'd have a class of young women who hold themselves in the highest esteem; therefore their young men would.

Please join me in the quest to save our young women by starting wherever you are. Maybe like me you don't have a daughter but you have family and friends. You have neighbors and church members; start there. Be a mentor and example to the young ladies around you. Speak words of encouragement and blessings to them. Take an interest in them and what they have to say. If we begin where we are and use what we have, our little will become much. 

Until we meet again family, be safe and God's blessings!


Savannah J


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